A bird’s eye view of your business as a whole.

The peace of mind and clear plan of action you need to grow your business and increase profits without sacrificing your sanity.

Who is it for?

The business owner who wants to run her business and stop letting it run her.

Are you constantly trying new things but are only seeing short-term results? Do you feel overwhelmed by certain components of your business that you know you need to tackle head on? Is the lack of financial stability limiting your ability to create and flourish?

Enough with band-aid fixes. If you’re ready to take a step back and assess your business as a whole, this package is perfect for you. Think of it as a health check-up for your biz! I’ll walk you through how to make adjustments in your business to build a stable foundation in strategy, finance, operations and marketing, giving you a business that you’re in control of.

What's included?

  • Client Assessment
  • One 60 minute kick-off call to learn more about your business and current challenges
  • One 30 minute discovery call to dive deeper and understand your current positioning
  • Development of a customized business assessment of your entire business
  • One 30 minute follow-up call to walk you through the results and discuss any questions you have
  • 7 days of email support after the report delivery to address any follow-up questions you have

What do I get out of this?

  • Peace of mind: with a clear plan, you have less uncertainty and ambiguity weighing you down
  • A sense of direction: Focus your time and energy on the actions that will truly benefit your business.
  • Greater confidence in finances: With a better understanding of your financials, you will be able to develop a clear path to increased profitability
  • A path to productivity: A list of actionable steps you can take to help your work smarter, not harder.
  • A business partner-in-crime: The reason why I am doing this is so YOU can succeed. My client relationships are incredibly important to me, so I focus on delivering as much value as possible. I’ll always be around the next time you need me!

How does it work?

1. Book the call & complete the onboarding!

Click here to make the investment in your business and schedule a call with me for your Map It Out session. Want to have a quick chat before you commit? No worries, you can book a complimentary introductory call with me to make sure we’re a good fit!

In order to make the most of our time together, you will complete an onboarding exercise at this stage. The onboarding form helps me prepare an assessment of your business for our call so we can dive right in.

2. Kick off and discovery calls

In this stage, we’ll dive right in to your business.

During the kick-off call, we will have a candid discussion about your business, your goals, current strengths and weaknesses and more.  After assessing what has been discussed, a discovery call will be scheduled a few days later so I can dig a little deeper on specific items we discussed in order to provide the most value possible with your customized business assessment.

3. Reporting

In this phase, I will review everything we discussed and develop your customized business assessment to determine how your businesses is performing in four key pillars: Strategy, Finance, Operations and Marketing. This assessment will include recommended actions you can take to improve your strength in each pillar, giving you a strong foundation for increased profitability and growth!

4. Follow-up

We will schedule a call following the delivery of the report to review the results together and answer any questions you have. After the call, you are welcome to 7 days of complimentary email support to address any follow-up questions you have!

Ready to get started?

For much less than the cost of the equivalent e-course, you will receive a customized audit and action plan catered to your business and your goals, all for an investment of $597.

This includes all calls, reporting and support during the engagement. This means less time filling out worksheets and trying to figure out what to tackle first, and more time getting things done and growing your business.

You deserve a break. Let me help you out 🙂