As I scroll through the folder on my computer with thousands of dollars that I’ve invested in courses over the past three years, three things are apparent to me:

  1. I’ve finished less than 10% of them
  2. The information I have gone through is great! These courses are chockful of useful tips and data and the course creators put together interesting, relevant content.
  3. Relevant content isn’t helpful if I don’t have the time and capacity to implement all these strategies in my business.

I’m a lifelong learner. After getting three degrees, I’ve seriously contemplated going back to school for a PhD, not because it would help advance my career in any way, but because I genuinely like school.

So it’s not surprising that I’ve been investing in courses to get my PhD in Entrepreneur – after all, when I am faced with a task, I want to know everything I can about it.

But knowledge does not equal action.

It doesn’t matter how much I know if I’m not actively implementing and optimizing for the ideal outcome of that knowledge.

2018 is the year that I’m letting go of what I know how to do (and some things I don’t!). I am not the Chief Everything Officer of my business and trying to be has been limiting my ability to grow and serve others.

In 2017, I spent over $5,000 on courses. ┬áThis year, I’m committing to spend at least three times that and investing it in people, not products. Here is where some of that investment is going:

Hiring a VA

In December, my done-for-you packages got fully booked through the better part of 2018 and suddenly, the time I had to work in my business got slashed. I knew if I wanted to stay on track with all the projects I’m launching this year, I needed help! Enter Heather Heinrichs. Heather has been crucial to keeping me on part of my marketing game, one of the first things I ignore when client work keeps me busy.

A New Website

I like pretty things, but sometimes, I struggle with executing my vision. I’ve been tinkering with my website for well over a year now and decided it was time to stop losing hours trying to figure out the right CSS to get a button to look a certain way and bring on an expert who can help me overhaul my website so has the strategic functionality I require and the polish I can’t quite seem to give it myself. Thankfully, the amazing Katie Williamsen had an availability and was able to take me on. We’re working together on my new site now and I can’t wait to unveil it! (Bonus, I met Katie through Reina Pomeroy and again in my mastermind, The Social Glue Sessions – she is super smart and you should totally work with her!)

Elevated Design

It’s the website problem all over again! I had an idea of what I wanted for my brand visuals, but the execution fell flat. When I connected with Christi Cooper for a coffee chat (another awesome member of my mastermind) and learned more about her business (she does brand assets and sales pages for Entrepreneurs), I knew I needed her in my life. On her first try, she nailed exactly the aesthetic I was going for and I’m already planning to bring her on for a second project.

A Coach

Hey, coaches need coaches too. I tell my clients that a trusted, knowledgeable outside perspective helps one get out of their own head and when it comes to my own business, I need that too.

My go to lady for this is Reina Pomeroy. I instantly jived with Reina’s philosophies because they so closely match my own when it comes to conducting business. I believe in relentless utility – the act of providing genuine value to your community without the icky sales tactics that often follow. Reina helps entrepreneurs who are fueled by heart and supports them to profit and serve from their expertise.

I’m planning to work with Reina in multiple ways this year: I’ve already returned for a second round of Social Glue Sessions, I’ve just scheduled a clarity call with her to help me align on a direction for some recent (but exciting) shifts in my business and as a birthday gift to myself in March, I’m going to invest in a half day intensive.

One thing I will point out is that every single one of these ladies that I’m working with connected with me in a genuine way before I ever even thought of hiring them.

Grow your lists, increase your followings and build your funnels. But don’t forget the value and impact of connection with other people.