Work With Me

Is your business running you instead of the other way around?

Are you overwhelmed and don’t know where to start?

Are you trying to to delegate but are finding it a struggle because you don’t have the time to tell someone else what to do?

Tired of inconsistent months and want to end the feast and famine cycle?

Just want a sustainable, profitable business?


Yeah, I’m the MBA holding, problem solving biz pal you’ve been looking for. Let me give you the peace of mind you deserve.

I have spent years working with brands and corporate clients, helping them create strategies that drive growth, operational efficiencies that save time and minimize expenses, develop marketing plans that convert and more. I have taken that approach and refined it to suit today’s creative entrepreneurs – creative dreamers with an awesome product or service who want a sustainable, profitable business.


Savvy, entrepreneurial bloggers who want to monetize and develop a sustainable business!

Whether you are a wedding planner, photographer, designer, strategist or coach, you need a sustainable business plan to keep you focused and profitable.

Let’s take a look at the big picture to figure out how to streamline your processes and costs while maximizing your profits and revenue!

Have a store front or restaurant and need help figuring out the backend of the business? Stop worrying, we’ll figure it all out.

Hash It Out!

  • Struggling with how you should approach a problem? Not sure why something isn’t working for you? Sometimes you just need an experienced strategist to talk it out with. This package includes:
  • > One hour call to walk through your business challenge
  • > Follow-up e-mail with an outlined approach
  • > 3 days of post-session complimentary email support

Knock It Out!

  • Ready to get serious about your business and knock it out of the park? Let’s have a thorough discussion and see how we can work together to achieve your business goals. With this package, I become your COO, not only ensuring a strategy and action plan is in place, but working with you to get it done. If you need more hands-on support in your business and are looking for an experienced Executive and Strategist to help you take it to the next level, then I’m the lady for you.
  • > One hour consult and kick-off call
  • > Customized business strategy and action plan
  • > Implementation and ongoing business management 
  • > Email support and weekly check-ins

Not sure which package is best for you?

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Suffering from overwhelm?

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