Hi! I’m Yasmine and I’m a Strategist for creative businesses. I’m a dreamer, a maker, a doer and a graduate of the Rotman School of Business where I received my MBA. My career has been spent working with some of the biggest companies and brands in the world, including Apple Inc, Edelman Public Relations and Ford Motors, just to name a few, while pursuing some more creative endeavours on the side. After spending many years in the corporate world as a digital marketing strategist, I launched my first company, Spruce+Willow, a boutique strategy consultancy in Toronto, Ontario. Spruce+Willow partners with companies and works closely with them on all aspects of their business, from strategic growth all the way to product marketing.

In the past two years, I’ve been approached by many creative business owners who are looking for a more holistic strategic approach to their business. You see, business problems are never one dimensional. They’re frequently influenced by other aspects of your company and if you can’t take a step back and understand the strengths and weaknesses of your business as a whole, it’s going to be hard to effectively solve a problem. But corporate strategy consulting is expensive and not accessible for most creatives.

So I’ve spent the past 18 months evaluating and refining my approach until I was able to make it work for YOU, allowing me to offer the same caliber of strategic thinking at a fraction of the cost.

Are you serious about building a stable, balanced business that is poised for growth? Then let’s work together.


Why should I work with you?

Because I love making things happen.  I want nothing more than to work with smart, creative women and enable them to lead better, more comfortable lives through a balanced business! Second, by working with me, you get to to tap into my well rounded MBA network. If your business challenge requires additional subject matter expertise, I’ll tap into the right expert at no extra charge to you.

We’ve all got great, big plans and dreams. I want to be the one that helps you bring them to life.